NHL ban referee for pounding tequila on day off

It seems hockey referees are not allowed to this in their spare time  (©GettyImages)

Hockey referees everywhere beware. Whatever you do don't have a drink on your day off. Sounds ridiculous but apparently the NHL has started suspending people for do such a thing, and legendary terrible referee Tim Peel has become the victim.

Peel was just enjoying some shots of tequila and made the mistake of allowing Yahoo Sports blogger Greg Wyshynski to post a picture of the two toasting.

The irony is, Peel was actually only meeting Wyshynski to show him the more human side of one of the most criticized referees in the history of the NHL.

The damning tweet 

The tweet below is of the two of them meeting in a New York City bar the night before Pittsburgh Penguins trip to the New Jersey Devils, which Peel was meant to officiate the next day before his ban.

It has taken a while for this story to come out, but the NHL remained quiet on the incident on Tuesday regardless. It's understood that a league policy has prevented Peel from commenting on the discipline handed to him.

Pretty harsh 

You have to feel bad for Peel on this one a little bit. He may be hated for all the right reasons because of his shocking efforts on the ice, but on a human level being punished for having a shot of tequila is pretty harsh from the NHL.

And the fact that Peel organized the meeting with Wyshynski makes it all the more hilarious, with Peel reportedly admitting to blowing some calls on the ice in his career.

Safe to say, Peel's one-game ban hasn't prevented him from regaining the ice for another bout of terrible calls for long. 

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